Is WINTER over yet?

Snack Bar= PowerBar, bananas, and raisins... yum ;)

Snack Bar= PowerBar, bananas, and raisins... yum ;)

Another 5 hour ride on the trainer today. I managed to watch two movies and the Ironman World Championships. I took down 5 bottles of PowerBar Endurance, 2 PowerGels, and 2 Powerbars… totally not good for the teeth! Here is a pic of the Saturday ride buffet from last weekend. It looked like that today too. I just want to get OUTSIDE on my bike already. This trainer stuff is for the birds :)

So, I am off the running again, and now pool running. I don’t think there is a stress fracture yet, however, there will be if I keep running. I am going to pass on Hyannis Half and chill on the running just to be safe. I need to race Oceanside before IM Utah and I REALLY don’t want an ironman to be my next race. The core diet is still on, but I am at a standstill with dropping lbs. Interesting… I don’t think I need to be worried just yet. If I am saying the same thing in a month, I will then be in panic mode.

Next up is the BTT indoor TT. I did this last year and it was a very fun event. QT2 will be representing this year… I think we have 16 or so riders. I am hoping this will be a strong ride for me considering I have been doing a lot of biking lately. I just hope I don’t die again after the first 5 minutes. Ha!

Well, I am off to bed. Sunday workouts and car shopping tomorrow… oh and the Superbowl!

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