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Indoor TT’s are VERY tough! I rather run a 5K, so that should tell you how grueling these things really are. Last year I did the BTT indoor TT as my first every indoor bike time trial. I had no clue what was in store that day. I remember I averaged lower watts than I should have, and I felt like I was going to DIE. I was just thankful I didn’t toss my cookies. About a month later I did another TT at the Multisport Conference. I think that was about 10 watts worse… not sure how, but it was.

This year I was going in with some experience and a bit more fitness. My goal was to hit my target watts, which were decided an hour before the TT. I was not prepared on that front. I asked Coach Jesse if I could just go b@lls to the wall, but that wasn’t happening. Based on my most recent BST (bike strength training) set, we came up with 205. That seemed about right… yikes! After my last BST set I wanted to die and they are just 10 min intervals. Well, this is pretty much what you come to these things for… to get your arse kicked.

This year QT2 had a heat of 16 team members, which was AWESOME! I was in group B with some kick arse riders. Molly, Tim, Pat, Cort (non QT2), Cait, Scribs, and yeah Group A was the rest of the team that could double my watts no problem :) I knrew I would finish last in my heat, but I was OK with that as long as I hit my watt goal. I had yet to do that in an indoor TT, but I was hoping 3rd time would be a charm ;)

PAIN is temporary...ugh!

PAIN is temporary...ugh!

When they gave us the green light to go, it was eye on the SRM! I would look up at the big screen every now and again just to see where I was on the course. I triend not to look at their watts as I have 650 wheels, so it is always off. I find that I get shafted on these things because I have a little bike, or wheels really. Not sure how much truth there is to that, but there has to be some. Anyway… the good news was I hit my watts pretty much as I averaged 204. Yipppeee for me! I was pleased even though I was riding way longer than the others. Although I wanted to die when I pushed hard as heck in the end, I wanted to do it again….hahahahahaha… kidding!

Great job QT2…way to represent! Thanks Boston Tri Team and Landry’s for a fun day!

Less than 5 weeks to Oceanside 70.3… see yall out west!!

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