Back on track!

So, I was back on the wagon for about two weeks and then BAM! I had a mini meltdown. I was just not ready to get back in the diet game. As we all know, round the holidays is EXTREMELY tough to stick to a healthy diet. Instead of me snapping, Coach Jesse gave me the green light to eat whatever through the New Year! Phew… much needed. So needless, to say, I ate what I wanted. My clothes were getting tighter by the week, but it was well worth it :)

Three weeks into the New Year and here I am trying to drop the post Kona weight. I am doing quite alright. I stick to my protein, carb, and fat numbers weekly and the lbs seem to be coming off. I have to admit this week is tough seeing it is a recovery workout week and my numbers do include workout fueling. Let’s just say I have already gone through 4+ packs of Orbit since Monday. So bad! I will be racing at 114 lbs this season, which is a pound more than last season. I am gaining muscle each season ;) I have about 4 more pounds to shed before IM Utah. I should be able to do this no problem. I just need to keep my eye on the prize and live for my cheat night… if I have some extra numbers to give up by Friday.

In non diet news, I was having some hip and glute tightness on my left side. Apparently this stemmed from the bad bike fall I had early last season when I banged up my right side. My body did not recover correctly and basically by the end of my 2009 season, my right leg was a ¼ of an inch shorter than my left. No wonder why my left leg always felt like it was dragging on my runs. Silly me. Note to self: Dragging body parts most likely mean there are some mechanical issues going. So, I started off training after Kona and all this stuff started to resurface. It actually was so bad my shin started to hurt, so I stopped running for three weeks. I hope to start again next week. I must play 2010 very smart/safe as I can’t really afford a stress fracture. The good news is the shin feels good and the hip and glute are doing a lot better. Thanks Dr. Mike and thanks to the best massage therapist in Boston, Jim Memory (… You guys rock!

My next race will be a half marathon in a few weeks- Hyannis Half Marathon. I am hoping for a good day, however, I will just be thankful to run. Most of the QT2 team will be rocking the course that day! I am so looking forward to a great season with my tri team. We have had some LONG indoor rides at FastSplits on Saturday mornings this winter. Let me tell ya it is a lot easier to ride with a group than in my apartment by myself. We must get ready for Oceanside 70.3 and IM Utah. YOWSA!!! They are SOOOOOO right around the corner.
Well, I am done rambling for now. Off to the pool for a swim… Happy training!!

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