One word: AWESOME! This place rocks! I flew in on Sunday night and couldn’t really see much, but when I woke up Monday morning, I can now see why people rave about Hawaii! The house we are staying at has a beautiful ocean view, a fabulous pool, and yes a LONG steep driveway :) It is very hot and humid, but I am doing OK with the temps so far. The workouts have been pretty painless and the swims in Kailua Bay are just AWESOME!

I have been spending a lot of time with the girls, Hannah, Molly, and Jaime, as we all have similar workouts and diets ;) We wake up at 5 am every day, workout, and then hit Lava Java for food and decaf beverages. Ahhh the life… AWESOME! We had our fat Monday night dinner at Kona Brewing Company. I felt so sick after. I am not sure if it was because I haven’t had a meal like that in a while, or I just at too much. Either way, it wasn’t good. I just went to bed and was glad to wake up feeling back to normal. The next big meal isn’t until Thursday night… oh yeah and the big lunch Thursday. We are hitting Lava Java for sandwiches. Yay! I am also looking forward to Friday morning pancake breakfast with the team. So AWESOME!
The expo officially opened last night for the athletes. Let me tell ya, they give away a lot of free stuff. It was like Christmas morning in tri world. AWESOME! I must say all the people I have met the past few days have been super nice… and generous ;)

I have my last workouts tomorrow and that is it until the big day. I have big plans for after the race… Lava Java coffee rolls, fried food from anywhere on Ali’i Drive, and CANDY from Donkey Balls! Yup that is what I said… hehehe :)

Donkey Balls! Hahahaha!

Donkey Balls! Hahahaha!

2 days and a wake-up… AWESOME!

Ironman live feed on race day can be viewed online at www.ironmanlive.com :)

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