The Foot

This is no Jimmy Choo :)

This is no Jimmy Choo :)

The MRI showed no stress fracture… yippppeeee! Dr. Neil Feldman is the best :) Yesterday I had a visit with him and we did an x-ray and today it was the urgent MRI. Love that he is all business when it comes to injuries so close to race day. He is actally on the QT2 Elite Team as well. Thanks a million Doc for meeting me on your day off to read the MRI scans… I owe you!!!

Diagnosis: Some serious inflamation of the surrounding tissue and inner bone. Yeah there is inflamation in the bone! That means I have to be very careful… don’t want to go down the stress fracture road again. For now it is Prednisone and the BOOT (aircast) for the next week. Also RICE- rest, ice, elevation and compression. The good news is, biking, water running, and swimming are allowed. Phew!

Fingers crossed I am all better before IMLP. If not, I will be sad, but OK knowing I should be fine for the big race… KONA ;)

Thank you all for the well wishes!

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