a BUSTED hoof…ugh!

The verdict is in… FRACTURED 3rd metatarsal… sad foot, sad triathlete… just a sad day :(

Not my hoof, but an idea of what the fracture looks like :(

Not my hoof, but an idea of what the fracture looks like :(

Per my last post, I was in the clear and so HAPPY. Well, I was fooled! The doc suggested a follow-up x-ray before Lake Placid to be sure I was good to go, as small fractures can take a few weeks to surface. To my surprise the follow-up x-ray showed a hairline fracture. I guess I was tricked with the first x-ray and MRI…wishful thinking. Bugger! I knew something was up when I tried a test run last night and the foot wasn’t feeling oh so hot.

Note to self… watch for rocks when running on the open road. Careless injuries are no longer allowed. Ha!

Time to work in a bike focus and hit the pool for some running! I will be rockin the boot for another 4 weeks ;)

With the definitive diagnosis I will no longer be racing IM Lake Placid. I am totally bummed :( At least I can still go and cheer on my team and tri friends who will be out there kickin it!

From here on out, I will look at the bright side… I gained major majora fitness training the past few months that I will just carry with me to Kona :)

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