Slow it down ladies…

Bad start to the day...

Bad start to the day...

Off to NH to do a test run of the Mooseman course… less than a week away! Lauren picked me up at 5:15 am, as we had to be up at Wellington State Park for a 7:30 roll out. It was a long ride up to NH for a training day, but it had to be done. We made it with just three stops- coffee, bathroom, and a meet and greet with a Bristol police officer.

Well, Miss Scafidi (aka speedy) was going 61 in a 40 mph zone. Somehow he clocked us before we passed him. Really? Totally sketch! He made his way over to the car and asked if there was a reason we were traveling 61 mph this morning. Uhm yeah officer, we are in a rush to get on our bikes to ride for the next 6 hours. Kidding! It went something like this, “I thought I was going 50”… hahaha. This did not help as 50 mph still qualifies as speeding. I attempted to explain we were up to do the Mooseman course for the upcoming race. No comment on his end. He just said not to get out of the car and he would be back. OK a couple things. He totally ignored the fact that we were doing the race, and the other, would we really attempt to exit the vehicle? I don’t think we would have time to get our bikes out or our sneakers on to make a run for it. Maybe a quick stretch of the legs would have been nice. No need to fret officer as this isn’t going to be a bad episode of COPS where the girls go crazy.

Anyway… he comes back with a ticket!!! I thought he would give a warning. Nope totally BUSTED. The kicker was he actually thought he was doing Lauren a favor by only writing it up for 100 as apposed to 200. It is still a ticket on the good old record, so thanks for trying. His closing comment made us both chuckle…now slow it down ladies. Sure thing buddy… as we screeched away. Just kidding, but that would have been classic! Next time :)


The good news is we made it to meet the team for the ride and had a good day of training! I did manage to get a flat after the first 2 minutes of the ride… lovely. It was good practice a week before race. Fingers crossed it doesn’t happen during the race. Once I changed the flat, I had to do a quick bathroom stop over the ledge. Not too crazy about the new white helmet :) Picture compliments of Miss Scafidi trying to get blackmail shots. Hmmm… so I post it. Go figure.

Again another long day on the road. My bike was great and my run was pretty strong. Let’s hope it all pays off for the big day. See ya at Moose :)

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