IM Utah Training Weekend

The past weekend I was up in NH with my teammates getting ready to hit our last peak/overlaod weak hard. The weekend schedule was as follows:

Friday: 7 hour bike ride, 30 min t-run
Saturday: 3 hour recovery bike ride, 1 hour t-run, 1:40 pool workout
Sunday: 1:40 recovery bike, 2:20 t-run

That does not include the bike and run I did when I arrived on Thursday. Yeah, it was a VERY LONG weekend. The fun part was going out to dinner and being around people in the same boat! Let me tell ya the training for this Ironman has been pretty toughh (mentally) this time around. I have had some tough battles out on the open road while running and biking the past few weeks. Needless to say, I got through all of them. I am just pleased that I did not have any meltdowns over training weekend. I guess with Utah being so early in the season, you don’t realize what you sign up for until you are around mid february doing 5 hour trainer rides indoors solo, or if your lucky, at Fast:Splits with the team.

Anyway… just a few shout outs for training weekend toughness:

Coach Jesse, Cait, and Molly- awesome way to finish the ride in the freezing rain up the Kanc. Insane!

Molly- for kicking my arse during the 400 set in the pool. Way to stick it out. You still can’t catch me on the 50’s though. Ha!

Pat- props to you for being sick and training all weekend.

Tim- impressed with the solo 7 hour ride up the Kanc and back down in slush. Glad you made it back to us alive!

Mark- props for driving 3+ hours to an from NH on the long bike day. You are an animal!

And for me… I made it! I also got on a plane to California after Sunday’s workouts. Yowsa!

Less than 3 weeks until IM Utah! This course is going to kick my arse…

Can’t wait for the cereal party the day after the race… best idea yet!

There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream. ~Author Unknown

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