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What a great weekend at the races. The weather was perfect both days and the lake wasn’t even that cold this year! Not sure if it was the long sleeve wetsuit or if the water was just warmer, but I was relieved. I remember last year being in a sleeveless and the water wasn’t even 60 degrees. Not so fun!

Anyway… back on track. Off to Bristol Friday to stay with Coach Jesse and Chrissie for the weekend. The weekend would be spent spectating on Saturday at the Olympic and racing Sunday. I was excited to go and see Lauren compete in the Olympic. Amazing day for her. I was very impressed with her performance, which landed her 2nd in her age group and 7th overall female. Nice work!

catching some Z's after carbo loading :)

catching some Z's after carbo loading :)

After the Olympic, the QT2 team and some tri friends met up for the big breakfast. I like stuffing my face :) We eventually headed to registration and then back to the house to get organized and rest. I got all my stuff set and my bike ready to roll. My mind was going a mile a minute (as usual) and I found myself obsessing over my race goals. Given where I was in training, and having a half iron under my belt already this season, I was on track to have a strong race. Very exciting, but could I deliver?

The day started off with the usual breakfast of applesauce, banana, protein shake and Powerbar Endurance drink, 3 hours before the start of the race. It was up at 4 am and then back to bed for about a half hour before heading down to transition. Arriving about an hour prior to the start, I got a quick body marking and headed to rack my bike. This is where it all began. The rack was tight and all my stuff was just crammed. Bummer :( The good thing is, I sucked it up and made due with the space. I hit the bathrooms a few times and then it was off to the swim start with Chrissie and Nicole. We made it down to the water in time to take our Powergel and warm-up in the lake for a few minutes. We ran into Lauren who was chatting it up with Molly. Good distraction as the race nerves can get to you. Lauren gave us our last good luck wished before swimming over to the start.

We were in the last wave of the swim with the women 30-34, aquabike, and relay participants. I had a fairly decent start and settled in a minute or so after the initial madness. A few times I choked and had to swim over some of the pink caps (women 35+), which was tough. I just kept turning over my arms and breathing when I could. I was so glad to see land after about 30 minutes or so. I was out of the water and over the timing mat in 32 minutes. Right on target… phew! You never know with the swim.

T1 was a bit rough. I could not get the wetsuit off my left leg due to the timing chip. I eventually broke free, got my bike gear on, grabbed my bike and flew through transition. I am always out of breath when I finally stop to clip in and ride. I think that is why I am always frazzled when I get on my bike. Once I rolled out of the park I was focused and feeling good. I was told to average 165 watts and not go beyond 215 on the hills…easy enough… or not?!?! Well, I was having a great bike and feeling good. I was watching my power and saw that I was averaging in the 150’s and had some room to go a bit harder. My mistake on the bike was looking at my speed. I should only focus on power, but I was not thinking and was distracted by the mph. After one loop of the bike I wasn’t even that tired. I had already lost time. I finally picked it up was hitting my watts closer to 170. This is where I should have been the first 28 miles… rookie mistake! Needless to say, I was way off on the bike. I finished in 2:53 which is extremely slow for a quick bike course. I should have ridden between 2:41 and 2:44. Not good for the psyche. I knew I had my work cut out for me on the run. It was time to play catch-up…aka… running down who I could to move up in the ranks.

T2 wasn’t much better than T1. Being distracted, I ran down the wrong isle of the bike racks. Oh boy get your head back in the game! I eventually found my spot and parked the bike. I got on my run gear and I was off. I was to start the first mile at 6:45 pace and hold for as long as I could. Yeah kind of fast. Usually, I can hold on for a few miles before I slow down by about 15 seconds. I guess this run would be different. I finished the first loop at this pace and continued on. Having to run like I was being chased was not how I pictured this race to be. Hearing the crowd cheer and Lauren yell at me to pick it up kept me going. I think I was starting to lose it mid run, but I continued to push through. It wasn’t until I saw Chrissie on the course that I really snapped out of it. I can’t remember exactly what she said, but it made me run faster. Given I did not push hard enough on the bike, it was the least I could do to pull my race together. The last stretch of three miles was tough, but I just kept getting quicker. I ran through the last strip before entering the beach area and the winding turns into the finish. I ran a 1:28, which was noted as a 6:45 pace. The course was just shy of 13.1 miles so that average could be a few seconds off. Regardless, it was a smoking run and the fastest female run of the day. Yeah, cool and I sure did run many people down.
The other side of the spectrum… not so cool. I so would have like to hit my bike goal and run closer to a 7 minute mile. I know I sound totally crazy, but that is just me. To spend all that time training on the bike and knowing what I am capable of, I am a bit disappointed. However, I must move forward, as there is nothing I can do about it. Besides, I still had a t-run of 45 minutes after the race, as well as a recover bike of 1:30. Got to love ironman training! Now it is time to focus on IMLP and let this be a lesson learned in racing.

I finished in 4:57; 7th female overall and 3rd in my age group. I did get some maple syrup and a fuel belt bottle gadget. Overall, the team had a very impressive day and several podium finishes. Congrats to all the QT2 athletes and tri friends on amazing performances. Cait we missed you this weekend. Great job ripping it up at Rev3!!

Time to roll out after a long day at the race!

Time to roll out after a long day at the race!

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