A few weeks ago on vacation in Mexico I broke my big toe. I really don’t have a good story to tell. I kicked a step in the pool area wearing flip-flops. I must have been walking pretty fast to actually break my toe in more than on place. My friend Kerry always told me I walk fast with a purpose. Well, I guess that is true.


I haven’t run in 3 weeks, but the good news is after 2 weeks off I was able to start biking. I am hoping to run starting later this week with a tape job. I just need to be smart and not do too much too fast. I am an old pro at that. If need be I can always do pool running which I am expert at ;)

The good news is I am almost at my fundraising goal of $7500 for Expect Miracles Foundation. I am really psyched I get to run and support a great cause. Check it out…Donation Link:

More updates to follow as I start back up running over the next couple of weeks!

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