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The past couple of months of training have been quite productive and I am finally feeling back on track. The last time I wrote, I had recapped my first 5K after one 5 week block of training. Since then, I have completed two additional training blocks of base training, two blocks of build, a half marathon, an indoor time trial, and a sprint triathlon.

After battling a cold at the tail end of my first build block, I had to forgo the Surf City Half Marathon. I was really bummed as it was right down the street in Huntington Beach and it was flat ;) The good thing is I found another half marathon the following weekend out in Palm Springs. Yup I made my first trip out to the desert. The drive was quite scenic…

Palm Springs was surrounded by mountains. It seemed as though someone decided to blow a hole in the middle of a mountain range and build a town. Everywhere you looked there were mountains! The roads seemed rather long and flat and the winds were kicking up dust and tumbleweed.

Of course the race director found some winding roads and a few climbs for early on in the race. But whatever, it was still a fun race. I can’t complain as it was not close to the brutal Hyannis Half down the cape in the cold winter along the water. I must stop complaining! Overall, I had a decent day. I did not PR by any means, but it sure was good to be back out there racing. I ended up 3rd in my age group and 10th female overall.

I was definitely sore most of the week, but I liked the pain. I really didn’t have any recovery time, as I had a full workout week ahead and the BTT indoor TT that following Sunday out in Boston. I mad the trip back to Boston to see friends and family… and of course to see some of my QT2 cronies and tri friends. The indoor TT was a fun day and I was psyched with my performance. I finally had a good TT… and felt maybe I could have gone a bit harder. I won my heat, which was huge for me, and place 4th OA in the open women’s division. I’ll take it!

It was back to the west coast to have another full training week without a race or TT. I really wanted a recovery week, but I had to tough it out. The week of training had come and gone and finally, it was recovery time. I had an easy week culminating with the Desert Triathlon Series Sprint out in La Quinta. Yup that meant another trip to the desert. Once again a drive out through the pretty desert… kidding :)

Actually, the race venue area was nice. The swim was in a man made spring of some sort. I think it was a spring or reservoir because the water was pretty darn cold. The bike course was pretty flat and the run was quite odd actually. The run was over a gravel dirt type trail around the reservoir. So not expecting that at all. I should have done better research when I was there the day before doing a practice swim and getting my race packet. I was like a rookie again… I guess a year off of triathlon will do that to you!

A quick Sprint recap… the swim was terrible… i was in a panic most of the time, but made it through. I honestly forgot how bad the swims are…especially in sprints as there are mostly newbies. I was a newbie again! Crazy! Here is a snapshot of the water we swam in.

I was happy getting out of the water, until I realized I had to run on gravel to get to transition. I made it, but not before I stubbed my big toe…grrr! My transition was pretty quick one I got over to my bike. I was actually excited to test out the Cervelo in a race… got it last year, but never raced with it, or the disc wheel :) Of course I almost got ran off the rode in the first mile by another participant. Nothing like paying attention when someone is yelling “on your left”… he actually hit my back wheel hard and somehow I managed to gain control of the bike and not fall. The bike was flat maybe one false flat. I rode OK, but to as hard as I could have. I felt like I was working hard, but I wasn’t. It just felt like I was… probably from doing three races within 4 weeks with not much rest. Anyway… T2 was not as quick as T1… oh the little tricks we can forget so fast. I remember now! The run was not what I expected, but I ran just fine. I finished up the run in 3rd place in my AG. Another fun day.

Doing a tri before Oceanside 70.3 was a good test run. I hadn’t done a tri since Puerto Rico 70.3 early 2011.

I am really looking forward to breaking into the intense training over the next 4 weeks pre Oceanside. Let the countdown begin…

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