A whole lot of eating

In the past two days I have eaten more than I have in the past month! Carb loading started yesterday at lunch and contines on today. My past meals went a little something like this:

Lunch: larger turkey sub, sun chips, and about an hour later a PowerBar
Snacks between
Dinner: several pieces of pizza (not sure I will eat pizza for a LONG while)

Breakfast: Ihop Style- two french toast, home fries, 3 pancakes, and two egg whites (stuffed)
Post Breakfast: Bagel, rice cakes, pretzles
Lunch: turkey sub, pretzles
Post Lunch: Zone bar, more pretzles, pita chips, fig newtons

It is pretty much a food taper after breakfast to dinner, which is a small piece of chicken and a cup of pasta. Lucky me I get to go to bed hungry. Tomorrow I will be eating PowerBar gels and bars, along with Clif Blocks. That will be washed down with sport drink. My teeth will be paying the price with all that sugar!

Well, from here on out my feet are up and I am just resting. My next post will be a race report. I am going to head out there tomorrow and have some fun! Well, as much fun as I can in 50+ degree water for over an hour, biking up and down mountains starting in 40+ degree weather for 112 miles, and then running VERY hilly marathon when it finally warms up :)

Let’s do it!

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