Pumpkinman Sprint

Pumpkinman Triathlon Festival is a great weekend to kick off fall racing, as Kat puts on a good show up in South Berwick, Maine. I made the trip up North last year to do the half ironman, but this year I would only be doing the Sprint. The race actually fell on a run focus overload week of training… lots of running the entire week and weekend to follow the race!

I made the trip up Saturday morning in good time given it was over an hour a way. I ate my race breakfast of applesauce, PowerBar Endurance, protein shake and a banana in transit. The hard part was I had to drive an hour before I could start eating. Tough to do especially when you are STARVING. Arriving to the race I picked up my packet, took care of the body marking and then headed to park. After a few mishaps I parked, grabbed my stuff and head to transition to get organized. That took all of 10 minutes… not bad at all. I made it down to the water to hang with Cait and Hannah as we were all in the same wave. There was the usual pre-race chit chat and PowerGel intake, then we were off to wait for the start.

Well, lets just say the start came out of nowhere and after the third “Go” I realized I needed to dive right in and swim. I missed the first “Go! Go!… as most of us did. Ha! Swimming in the Elite wave was tough one for me. I have to say I was about 25+ yards back from the lead pack. I know it could have been worse. Exiting the water I was breathing like I had just sprinted a 5K… not a good sign. I made my way up the crazy hill and then got stuck in T2.

The post swim hill climb... OUCH!

The post swim hill climb... OUCH!

I could not get my wetsuit off for the life of me and I had to fiddle with socks to protect my big arse blister. Way too much going on. As Coach Jesse would say… “that transition was a disgrace”… yeah I agreed! Note to self : Take wetsuit off at the base of the hill immediately after exiting the lake. Another lesson learned :)

After 2+ minutes I made my way out to the mount area and took off on the bike. What I thought would be a fast bike was not. I for some reason just had a bad day… it was almost like I forgot how to race. Sounds weird, but true. Overall, bike assessment… very poor compared to my Timberman ride. I reviewed the power file this past weekend, which was a disgrace! I think I can say the same for the run, but I won’t be as hard on myself given the foot injury. No need to risk injury for a 3 mile run. Not my best performance, but I’ll take the swim, bike, run combo before Kona. Sometimes you just need to know you can do all three after a long season of injury and pretty much no racing. After the race I had an hour run and a 5 hour bike, which was done in some CRAZY rain. The reward for the early day of racing and workouts… seeing my college friends for my birthday cookout! It was so great to spend time with the ladies… much needed!! The next day, my birthday, was spent training (run/bike/run combo) and spectating along the Pumpkinman course. Fun way to spend my birthday…the big 3-2…well, I thought it was fun :)

Props to Cait for taking the win…and a shout out to the rest of the QT2 team for amazing sprint and half ironman finishes!!! Another great weekend at the races :)

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