Goodbye BOOT…hello SNEAKS!

Time to celebrate... no more BOOT!

Time to celebrate... no more BOOT!

I have graduated from the BOOT and moved on to my SNEAKERS!! FINALLY! It seems like forever ago when I was diagnosed with the fracture. The x-rays showed a pretty much mended 3rd metatarsal. Also, my new orthotics arrived and I was given the rundown on how to break them in… kind of goes along perfectly with the easing back into the running. The game plan is to start with a 5 minute run off the bike and gradually increase the duration. Let’s just say we are playing it safe and taking baby steps. Not literally :)
I just finished my second run off the bike tonight. I am feeling great, pace is on track, orthotics are in check, and the foot is pain free… Phew! All GREAT signs! I have a good feeling my run will be 100% for Kona!

POSITIVE THINKING… less than 7 WEEKS to go!!!

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