Lake Placid IM… not as much rain this year!

taking care of the foot on the way down to Lake Placid

taking care of the foot on the way down to Lake Placid

Although I was not racing (due to injury), I still wanted to make the trip to see my team and tri friends take on the hilly IMLP course. Cheering on the sidelines was not the same as racing, but it allowed me to be part of the event in some way. I am a former Cheerleader, so I’ve got cheer skill ;) Good thing…Ha!

The trip down with Mark Scribner and his buddy Tim was full of laughs. We listened to some great tunes (Pink), tweeted on twitter, surfed the Face (facebook), snacked on not so core friendly foods (just Tim and I), and told some great stories. We did make a stop to pick up the bone stimulator Dr. Feldman hooked me up with. His game plan was to take the most aggressive approach to treating this fractured metatarsal. Twice a day for 20 minutes and it should speed up the bone growth by 40%. Check it out… I have my own get up. Kind of cool.

After about 5 hours and a few stops we finally arrived in LP. There were race signs everywhere, multiple cars with bike racks, transition area all set up… need I say more?!? I have to admit I was a bit sad I would not be participating :( I just kept telling myself resting the foot for the BIG race was more important than taking a chance racing Placid. Risk vs Reward… not so much of a reward in this case.

The few days leading up to the race was exciting. Just the hype of it all gave you a serge of adrenaline. I spent these days with the team/friends swimming in Mirror Lake, biking the course, and hitting some great restaurants :) Yum! My ride Saturday covered one loop of the bike course. That 5 mile descend totally freaks me out! Once I got down the crazy hill I felt a lot better. Look what we saw in the little town of Jay… yes the M dot painted on someone’s front lawn… cool!

Rock On! 140.6 Swim*Bike*Run

Rock On! 140.6 Swim*Bike*Run

Race day came quick! I was really psyched for my friends who were racing their first IM. The alarm for us spectators went off at 6 am. We all got up quick, threw our clothes on, hit the bathroom, and we were out the door. One pit stop to Starbies for a coffee and snack… much needed. It was 6:45 and we were walking down to the lake when the rain started. Oh no! Not another year with rain. I am telling you the weather in Lake Placid is all over the place. One minute it is sunny and the next, cloudy and rainy. Must be something to do with the mountains ;)

The rain eventually stopped after a few minutes. Down at the lake you could see all the athletes in the water and hear the National Anthem. Totally gave me goose bumps. I felt sad for a second, and then I was OK. This feeling would come in waves throughout the day. After about 55 minutes I saw Cait come out of the water, followed by Tim, and some other super fast pros. I love seeing QT2 out there kicking it! It seemed as though everyone had a good day in the water, given the swim can be dangerous and very scary. I want to take a minutes for a few swim shout outs… Chrissie, you rocked it!!! I knew you would make it through no problem. Scribs, sorry your riblette was busted, but you stayed tough and finished an amazing first IM!

After watching everyone make their way out of the water, it was time to head out to get food and change into something a bit cooler. The sun was actually shining! Yay! The lines in town for food were out of control. The bagel shop and Starbies had lines out the door. We had time to kill so it was no biggie. We eventually headed back on the course to watch the bike. I hung out with my friend Marissa at the BTT tent. What a great spot on Mirror Lake Drive. I was able to see everyone speed on by. My bike shout out goes to Molly… she was definitely riding that bike like she stole it… you go girl!!

The majority of the day was spent waiting for everyone to finish the bike, as 112 mile is such a long ride! I went down to the lake to hang out on the dock for a little bit. The sun was still out…amazing! I met some friends for lunch and then it was back on the course to see the tri peeps dominate the run. It wasn’t long before I saw Tim, Cait, Chris, Jesse, and Pat running like the wind. I have to say Cait is like the road runner out there. Very impressive 2:57 marathon, which landed her 2nd overall female. Nice work Cait! Another impressive run of the day was Pat… way to work the 6:40’s!! You totally deserve the Kona slot!! Way to keep your eye on the prize ;)

Overall, a great day for QT2! We had several first time IM finishers, age group award winners, top 10 finishers, and Kona qualifiers. The outcome of the day is a true testament to everyone’s hard work and commitment to ironman training/racing. My final shout out goes to Coach Jesse, the brains behind the QT2 system! I like to call him The Wizard… he is an amazing coach, IM racer, and mentor :)

The reward after finishing IM, aside from the glory, is unhealthy food. The first order of business for everyone was a feast of pizza, chips, ice cream, brownies, cookies, nachos, grilled cheese, and so much more. I had already done my share of eating after I found out there would be no Lake Placid for me. I may have gone a bit overboard. Oops! We are all on lockdown now until Kona… less than 10 weeks out!!

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