I’m Back…just for a quick minute :)

The past few weeks have been a bit CRAZY! Two weekends ago I attended the USAT Level 1 Coaching Clinic out in Weston, MA. I have to say it was weird being back in a lecture hall. Definitely a great few days of learning and meeting new triathlon friends. There were some great speakers/instructors, including my Coach Jesse. I was thankful it was a recovery week, as there was not much time to workout after class.
Chrissie and I went on a ride after Saturday lectures and 20 minutes in… CRASH. Nope not me! Poor Chrissie was on the ground due to her breaks sticking. She walked anway with some minor scratches and a busted up basebar. This time around we headed back to the car and just did the t-run… safety first!

All in all, a productive weekend. All I have to do now is complete the take home test. I have most of it done and really just have to finish the essay/short answers. I have 4 weeks left to get it done. I will need the time as this week is my second overload training week for IM Lake Placid. Ugh!

The QT2 training weekend in VT is this Thursday- Sunday… yay so fun! Definitely a lot of time will be spent on the bike, running, and in the open water. The best part is it is just fun to be with the team and hangout. My only concern is the state my legs are in after this past week/weekend of training. This past weekend I did a 110+ mile ride followed by an 8+ mile t-run on Saturday and Sunday wasn’t much lighter… a 2 hour ride sandwiched in between two runs. Let’s just say each run was a little over 12 miles, so I ran 24.5 miles total! My hammies are so tight and my quads are screaming :( I guess it will make my little legs stronger. As Lauren would usually say… quadzilla!

I did manage to make it home to see my Dad for Father’s Day. He is a great Dad :) My little sister Cheri was there with baby Nina too. It is always nice to spend some time with the family. Congrats to my brother Wes on his new baby boy Corbin Blaze. No pics yet, but will have some soon.

Gotta run… to bed that is ;) I will be back after the weekend with a full training weekend recap and some new pics!!!

Have a great week :)

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